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Re: DebConf: D-I Workshops and a D-I talk to explain and motivate?

On Mon, 2009-04-13 at 17:47 +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
> Official events have to be submitted in the Pentabarf interface before
> Wednesday if I'm not mistaken.
> Would it be ok if I submit D-I Work Sessions for during DebCamp? How
> long and how many do we want in that case?
> Does someone want to give a D-I talk during DebConf to explain how it
> all works, how people can help and why it's a cool project to work on?

I submitted a talk about "Hardware Report, Database and PopCon".

> Hardware support implies two different points : Providing a Driver and
> configuring the system. We need a tool to collect information to
> improve both situation.
> - When Debian/Stable is prepared, we need to improve the devices
>   support by improving the drivers and packages (identify most used
>   devices, devices without driver, etc..)
> - Once Debian/Stable is released, the users needs some documentation :
>   How a given system or device is supported by Debian/Stable and what
>   extra configuration is needed to use it at it's best.

I am working on a tool that collects the current list of hardware on a
computer (through sysfs|lscpi... and hal|lsmod... ), then submit it to a
central database.
Once those data are loaded in a central database, we can make lots of
useful statistics about the devices and modules that are actually used.

I consider that this tool is closely related to D-I (I plan to ship a
D-I package, so people can report [failing hardware] from D-I. The
integration with reportbug will have to be discussed at that time)


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