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Re: DebConf: D-I Workshops and a D-I talk to explain and motivate?

Quoting Luk Claes (luk@debian.org):

> Ok, D-I Work Sessions submited (though it would be good to have an idea
> on how long a session should be and how many we want) and several
> reminders sent to the DebConf organisers.

I have to warn that I personnally planned 4 i18n sessions which I
expect to be the leader/animator/cheerleader/whatever and threfore
might not be able to *also* be very efficient in animating D-I
worksessions..:-)...I now have a good idea of what Debconfs are for me
(talks too much, talks too much....).

> Lets just make sure you can attend DebConf!
> Otavio: would you be willing to give the talk, if so can you please
> submit it in the Pentabarf interface?

Here also, I personnally fear the load added by a talk so I wouldn't
promise too much from me here.

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