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[D-I Manual] Stable update - String freeze / Call to update translations

There have been a few changes in the installation guide that are relevant 
for Lenny and important enough to consider a stable update. Added benefit 
is that the Vietnamese translation, which missed the Lenny release, can 
probably be enabled again.

I plan to make this the only stable update, so after this the focus will 
be on updating the manual for Squeeze.

For this release, translators are requested to update their translations.
The deadline is in two weeks: *** Sunday April 26 ***.

I will not drop any translations with this update, but that also means 
that if not enough translations are updated, I will abandon the stable 

Note that very recently two new XML files have been added to document 
accessibility support in the installer (thanks to Samuel Thibault).

After updating your translation of the preseeding appendix, please run
'./scripts/check-preseed <lang>' to check for discrepancies.


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