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Re: Complete draft of the March 16th and 30th meetings minutes

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On 05-04-2009 23:20, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 06 April 2009, Otavio Salvador wrote:
>> As you can see on the meeting minutes nobody has objected to it...
> I think that's primarily because nobody had an opinion on it as so far 
> nobody has ever shown any real and sustained interest in helping out with 
> the manual [1]. So TBH I'm not very impressed by that argument.
> As soon as someone steps up and actually commits to helping out with 
> maintenance of and RM for the manual (which is a fairly serious amount of 
> work BTW), I'll be happy to explain how and why I do things as I 
> currently do them [2].


> [1] Yes, faw does the daily builds, but the original intention was that 
> he'd take over RM, which never happened (which is fine). And yes, Colin 
> is very good at providing/committing patches when he makes functional 
> changes in D-I, but that's not the same as what we're talking about here.
> [2] Just as I did, in great detail, when faw took over the daily builds. 
> See mailing list archives.

	Let me just add a few points here.

	Indeed, I would love to get more involved in D-I and
D-I Manual, but besides some personal reasons that some people
are aware of that preventing me to spend more time in Debian
there are other reasons/factors.

	There is a huge gap between Frans' knowledge of D-I
and my knowledge of it and after a few weeks it became quite
clear that a great part of the work related to the manual is
not building or packaging it (both are very important), but
the review and synchronization of work and the consistency
with the actual behavior of D-I, those are vital to have a
high quality manual/guide.

	Frans' is usually faster than me in dealing with the
interactions with translators and upload coordination, he is
also much more recommended to deal with the technical aspects
of changes and details and although I do take care of physical
parts and synchronization of different parts with him and
others (I'm always monitoring the lists with regards to the
D-I Manual) there is no doubt that I do not feel the best
person to replace him.

	Once it became clear to me that I could not keep the
same pace as Frans in following D-I development, I refrain
myself to try to have a very good understanding of the build
and package system involved (and we never discussed that in
deep), I do consider myself as his backup in terms of D-I
Manual, I'm unsure if he trust me enough to do an upload if
needed (or if D-I Team also sees me as the backup guy for
D-I Manual).

	I don't know why but it is usually quite easy for me
to work with him, I know he is stubborn (we both are Dutch
anyway) but he always had been very nice in giving me
instructions, advices and explanations.

	I can try to get more involved in D-I Manual and
coordinate the work with him, I do have pending ToDo items
regarding it for the Squeeze Release Cycle and it would
probably work better than try to push things in this field,
that would probably start becoming a reality in the second
semester of 2009.

	Except for that, I'm sorry for not taking over the
D-I Manual RM, I just felt Debian would lost if I had
replaced Frans back in 2007/2008.

Kind regards,
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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
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