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Re: lilo about to be dropped?

On Mon Apr 06 08:55, Frans Pop wrote:
> > This is a heads up mail for the D-I team.
> I'm not sure where the original mail comes from, but IMO this should be 
> discussed on d-devel, especially since it impacts more than just D-I. I 
> suspect there are quite a few packages that make some sort of provisions 
> for lilo.
> There are also significant numbers of people still using lilo for, at 
> least for them, very good reasons.

Yes, please do discuss it here. I am one of those users, grub didn't
work on one of my machines for some reason.

Anyway, isn't grub1 equally unmaintained upstream? I thought they were
only working on grub2 (which isn't ready for use yet, or is it?)

> > Don't we have some install paths that still depend on LILO?
> Yes: /boot on LVM is the main one.
We _certainly_ shouldn't throw it out if there are _known_ situations
for which it's required.

By all means print large warnings or only make it available in expert
mode, or whatever, but please don't break existing functionality.

Matthew Johnson

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