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Bug#520828: [INTL:be] Updated Belarusian debconf for console-setup

Quoting Pavel Piatruk (piatruk.p@gmail.com):
> Package: console-setup
> Version: 1.30
> Severity: wishlist
> Please update Belarusian debconf translation

Committed. I corrected the following:

> msgid ""
> "The configuration file /etc/default/console-setup specifies a keyboard "
> "layout (${XKBLAYOUT}), which is not supported by the configuration program."
> msgstr "Файл налад /etc/default/console-setup вызначае раскладку клавіятуры (${XKBLAYOT}), што не падтрымліваецца праграмай наладжвання."


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