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Bug#517644: [amd64][lenny] since lenny release, unable to install 'etch' via 'lenny' installer

> > In the preseed I have set the "etch" distribution as well
> > % grep -w etch /var/lib/preseed/log
> > d-i mirror/suite select etch
> > d-i preseed/url string
> > http://installserver/./preseed/debian/etch/amd64/server-lenny.cfg
> > d-i mirror/suite            string etch
> > d-i mirror/codename         string etch
> There's some weirdness in here (double definition of mirror/suite for
> example), but I doubt that affects the validity of the report.

I deliberately set mirror/suite to "etch" as one of my experiments after
bumping into this, but I get the same result with it set to "oldstable" -
I had it set to that originally.

> > I happen to use an apt-proxy but I don't think that is the cause -
> > doing the first wget manually returns the expected value of Suite:,
> > i.e. oldstable, and if I do the next one manually, with 'oldstable' in
> > the URL I get the right Codename returned ('etch').
> Agreed, but it should be confirmed with a real mirror just to make sure.

Will do.

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