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Re: Bug#517644: [amd64][lenny] since lenny release, unable to install 'etch' via 'lenny' installer

On Sunday 01 March 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Sunday 01 March 2009, Vincent McIntyre wrote:
> > Comments/Problems:
> > I attempted to install 'etch' on this system using the 'lenny'
> > installer. I did this via the preseeding method, passing the
> >   suite="etch"
> > option to the boot line of the installer kernel.
> > The system then proceeds to install 'lenny'.
> This is definitely a serious issue that should be fixed with the next
> stable update. It should also be verified whether oldstable installs
> using Sarge netboot images still work or not. There's a good chance
> those are broken too.

The D-I team may remember that we had similar problems to install Sarge 
after the release of Etch. I spent a LOT of time back then to fix the 
issue and had a new release of D-I ready in July, only to find that the 
SRMs never released my oldstable updates until end of December, despite 
the fact that they were aware of the issue.

Obviously that experience has left me completely unmotivated to make the 
same effort this time. It's someone else's turn.

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