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Re: Bug#515607: partman-auto-lvm: ask how much VG space to use

Quoting Colin Watson (cjwatson@ubuntu.com):

> +Template: partman-auto-lvm/guided_size
> +Type: string
> +Default: some number
> +# :sl3:
> +_Description: Amount of disk space to use for guided partitioning:
> + You may use the whole disk for guided partitioning, or part of it. If you
> + use only part of it, or if you add more disks later, then you will be able
> + to grow logical volumes later using the LVM tools, so using a smaller
> + amount of disk at installation time may offer more flexibility.
> + .
> + The minimum size of the selected partitioning recipe is ${MINSIZE} (or
> + ${PERCENT}); please note that the packages you choose to install may
> + require more space than this. The maximum available size is ${MAXSIZE}.
> + .
> + Hint: "max" can be used as a shortcut to specify the maximum size, or
> + enter a percentage (e.g. "20%") to use that percentage of the maximum size.

I have a small concern with the length of that template ? It certainly
fits on a regular screen but, as often, translations might be longer
and 3-paragraph templates can very rapidly exceed the critical size.

Maybe slightly shorter:

Entering "max" will use the entire disk. The size can also be
specificed as a precentage (such as "20%").

> +
> +Template: partman-auto-lvm/bad_guided_size
> +Type: error
> +# :sl3:
> +_Description: Invalid input
> + You entered "${INPUT}", which was not recognized as a valid size. Please
> + try again.

Another minor concern: these "Please try again" give the feeling this
is a trial-and-error game and I'm indeed never comfortable when I find
such sentences in error templates.

As, anyway, the user will be re-prompted for the size, why not just
drop that sentence?

Apart from that, great idea...as usual..:-)

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