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Bug#510176: installation-reports: No network through DHCP router speedtouch 530

On Tuesday 27 January 2009, M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
> I didn't manage to do that. Could you give me the command lines please?

I'm sorry, but I can't help you at that level of detail. Suggest you try 
the debian-user mailing list for that.

One thing worth knowing is that the installer does not support the (old)
'ifconfig' command; you have to use 'ip' instead.

I've looked at your log and the basic facts are still the same: a driver 
for your NIC is loaded, it is eth0 and the dhcp client tries to connect 
on the correct interface and fails.
We know that dhcp works correctly in the installer in general, so it's 
almost certainly a local problem, either because of your local network 
setup or related to the hardware (which includes possible problems with 
the kernel driver).


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