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Bug#512828: German translation of "Selecting the kernel to install..." not optimal

Package: base-installer
Severity: 1.98
Severity: minor

The following German translation in base-installer isn't ideal:

  msgid "Selecting the kernel to install..."
  msgstr "Wählen Sie den zu installierenden Kernel ..."

In most cases, d-i is automatically selecting the right kernel and no
user input is needed [*], so the "please choose" the German
translation uses isn't great.  I suggest the indirect "Wähle den
zu..." or something like that.

I didn't check if other translations have the same problem.  Maybe
some l10n expert could do that.

[*] And if user input is needed, another screen is shown which will
clearly say that the user has to choose a kernel.
Martin Michlmayr

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