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Re: Making commits by l10n-sync no longer "silent"?

On Tuesday 20 January 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Are there any objections?

IMO it is useless to send them to everybody.

> An intermediate solution would of course be tagging them with a
> specific marker (this is indeed how the commits are silenced right
> now, by using "[SILENT_COMMIT]").

And send them only to yourself (and maybe one backup person)?

I also still feel that having daily syncs is way too much and leads to way 
too many commits which have the side effect of obscuring other changes. I 
can see some point in having daily sync runs after a call for translation 
updates when a release is being prepared, but at other times I feel that 
e.g. 3 times per week would be more than enough.

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