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Re: Pre-bug-raising questions

On Monday 19 January 2009, Mike Grice wrote:
> Having found that it's the weird behaviour of LDOM changing the device
> from one type to another,

That would indeed be very weird. Are you sure that that is what happens?

It seems more likely to me that maybe the _installer_ treats the device a 
bit differently than a regular system, just because its boot sequence is 
rather different.

> I think its fair to say its down to the person doing the installing to
> make sure this is picked up properly, it's just inconvenient rather than
> broken.

If it happens consistently I see no reason why the installer could not set 
up the inittab correctly. We already do so for other cases and to me this 
does seem to be in line with that.

The script Ian pointed you to is the correct one to look at. However, I'm 
not sure at this point which of the three existing categories (regular 
serial console; "onboard service processor"; Xen) this use case best 
matches. We'll need more detailed info for that (remote access to the 
system could maybe help at some point).


P.S. Please don't CC on replies. Anybody who replies obviously reads the 
list and it's against Debian list policy.

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