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Re: Pre-bug-raising questions

On Monday 19 January 2009, Mike Grice wrote:
> So I guess the salient points from all the above are:
> 1) the debian-installer is not detecting the correct modules for the
> hdd and net even though theyre present in the udebs
> 2) the initramfs-tools config on the installed system doesn't load the
> relevant modules by default
> 3) the text console doesn't work once the install is finished and the
> system is up as normal

Just to make sure there are no false expectancies: we are about to upload 
the RC2 release of Debian Installer, which is expected to be the final 
release for Lenny.

The issues you describe here are clearly not bugs, but a new feature. The 
detection/loading of modules is something that should preferably be done 
automatically by the kernel, although it can probably be worked around in 
the installer (if there is a clear way to recognize _when_ the modules 
should be loaded).

The "serial console" issue is probably relatively trivial to solve, but 
should still be done very carefully.

Conclusion: the needed changes will NOT be done before the release of 
Lenny. However, there is a slight chance they could be included in a 
later stable update. That mostly depends on whether someone is willing to 
do the work required for that.


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