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Bug#511447: [p.g.berezhkov@gmail.com: Re: Bug#511447: installation-reports: USB-stick install: reboot after install fails due to incorrect root device]

reassign 511447 cryptsetup
forcemerge 511840 511447

Quoting Pyotr Berezhkov (p.g.berezhkov@gmail.com):

> > Ferenc or Pyotr, please do so if you're convinced this bug belongs to
> > that package (I won't do it blindly as I didn't follow that issue).
> Unfortunately, I already reported the problem to initramfs-tools as
> Bug#511840.  And initramfs-tools maintainer Maximilian Attems
> <max@stro.at> has reassigned it to cryptsetup.  So reassigning might
> just confuse people at this point.  I'll just refer the cryptsetup
> people to Bug#511447 if they need the full background.

Well, we can still merge the bugs so that they belong to The Right

Doing so...

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