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Bug#511447: [p.g.berezhkov@gmail.com: Re: Bug#511447: installation-reports: USB-stick install: reboot after install fails due to incorrect root device]

On 11 Jan 09, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> Pyotr Berezhkov <p.g.berezhkov@gmail.com> writes:
> > rebooting into the installed system failed, as the initrd
> > incorrectly identified the root device.  As it turned out, the root
> > device specified on Lilo's kernel command line (root=fd02 in my
> > case) was incorrect.
> It would be interesting to see /proc/devices in the installer before
> you reboot.
Hi, I suggest closing this bug.  I'll report it with initramfs-tools, as
I realized it's their bug, not yours.  By the way, the following patch
to initramfs-tools solved the problem completely and means we can forget
about Lilo's notion of the root disk.  The case of an _unencrypted_ root
volume will demand a separate patch, however.

--------------------------------- SNIP ------------------------------------
diff --git a/scripts/local-top/cryptroot b/scripts/local-top/cryptroot
index 56d1d63..c0b4d06 100755
--- a/scripts/local-top/cryptroot
+++ b/scripts/local-top/cryptroot
@@ -264,6 +264,10 @@ setup_mapping()
 		message "cryptsetup: $crypttarget setup successfully"
+		echo "ROOT=$NEWROOT" >> /conf/param.conf
+		if [ -e "/dev/root" ]; then
+			rm -f /dev/root
+		fi

--------------------------------- SNIP ------------------------------------
All the best, PGB

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