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Re: [RFC] New "installer-settings" component - please test and comment!

Hello Frans,

On Tue, 2009-01-13 at 12:06 +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> Over the past months I've been working on a new component that allows to 
> change "settings" for the installer. [..]

> What I will say is:
> * it completely changes the concept of "expert mode"

If I understand correctly, the idea is to be able to be able to switch
*easily*  between standard and expert mode during the installation. This
is a nice.
I took me a few minutes to understand how that's supposed to work (I
though it was a bug or an incomplete implementation whereas it is just a
matter of changing the wording)

> * you can now have the main menu displayed optionally for both
>   high and medium prio installs!

Being able to opt-in or opt-out some steps (like dmraid) is a great
idea. (would it be possible to switch between [standard|expert|skip]?)

> * for this demo only a limited number of settings are available:
>   - changing the "installation level"
>   - activating support for dmraid and multipath
> * demo images use vga=788 for newt frontend
> For the demo there are a few implementation differences between the 
> activation of dmraid and multipath to show the versatility. Just try 
> changing those settings at different points during an installation.

I haven't tested it yet.

I'll sleep on it, and let you know If I have more ideas.


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