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Bug#510271: installation-report: Lenny on a Slug - eventual success after a few tries and some fixups

* Rick Thomas <rbthomas55@pobox.com> [2009-01-12 10:13]:
>> If you send me a copy of your /dev/mtdblock1, I can verify whether you
>> set a domain name or not.
> Here you go.

Yep, no domain is set.

> Assuming that I did not set a domain back when I had the Linksys
> firmware installed...  What can I do *now* to set it right and get
> my parameters from DHCP?

I assume you don't want to do a new installation, right?

If d-i uses info from DHCP for the hostname and domain, it will write
it to /etc/hosts, hostname, etc.  The installed Debian system doesn't
use DHCP for this.  So you simply need to change /etc/hosts, hostname
and every other file that mentions example.org and change it to
something else.

This will show you the files:
  grep -r example.org /etc

The other question is whether your NSLU2 should obtain an IP address
via DHCP or use the static address.  If it should use DHCP, you have
to edit /etc/network/interfaces

> Is there a note somewhere in the wiki or install notes or somewhere
> that says what to do in a case like this?

Not really... at least not explicitly.  But my install page describes
where d-i gets the network values from.
Martin Michlmayr

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