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Bug#511177: Bug 511177 Update

Package: installation-reports

Boot method: CD

Image version: http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/daily-

UPDATE: (i.e. what I forgot to report previously)

1. When attempting to install GRUB from the above Image Version 
(after the Linux-image failed to install), I noticed that GRUB only 
detected the Windows 98 partition but not the MS-DOS partition. 
GRUB with the Etch installer correctely identified both partitions.

2. After reporting this "bug" with the above Image Version, I 
realized that the installer was from 'sid'. So I downloaded the 
Lenny-Testing-i386-KDE weekly image of 05-Jan-2009 to try again. 
The exact same problems previously reported occurred with this 
CD image, as with all other Lenny installs previously attempted.

3. After several more attempts of installing Lenny, I reinstalled Etch 
r5 without any problems (other than the partitioner incorrectly 
identifying the partition numbers - as previously reported). For both 
Etch and Lenny installs, I've used the text-based 'expert' option.

4. Even though I have spent several days configuring Etch, I would 
still prefer to install Lenny - somehow - or upgrade from Etch to 
Lenny - somehow - to get the newer features. If installing Lenny 
means wiping out Etch to try any installer fixes that are made, I 
would be willing to do that. If no installer fixes are going to be 
attempted to address the issues I reported, I would appreciate 
knowing so that I can attempt an upgrade to Lenny.

Thank you for your consideration.

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