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Bug#511452: installation-report: Installer automatically uses swap partitions, makes partitioner very frustrating

* Michael Goetze <mgoetze@mgoetze.net> [2009-01-11 03:56]:
> In any case, I was completely unable to change anything the partition
> layout, always getting errors about the kernel being unable to reread
> the partition table, I'll have to reboot first, etc.

#507653 describes the same situation, but you give more detail.

I also ran into problems making partitions manually with partman when
the hard drive had an existing RAID device.  I don't know if my
problem was related to swap, but in any case I had the impression that
the kernel still saw the old RAID device after after I generated a new
partition layout with different RAID devices on top.
Martin Michlmayr

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