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Bug#511287: debian-installer: Should have a task for installing KDE or XFCE instead of Gnome


IMHO, it's too late to change things now for Lenny. But I guess, we'll need to 
re-discuss the situation after Lenny release for KDE 4 series.

Especially when I read this:

and the nice screenshot here:

> That said, anyone that _has_ heard of KDE should find all they want to
> know here:
>   http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde3.html
> on the other hand, I'd guess that Debian newbies are most likely to end up
> here:
>   http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/
> which does not appear to have a direct link to the installing page.

The link exist: on the left, in the menu, under "Try KDE!", "KDE 3.5"  is the 
direct link to http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde3.html

> KDE Folks,
>   Might I suggest that the front page be modified to have a link somewhere
>   prominent, near the top, linking to the page about how to get KDE
>   installed on debian
>   Also, you should note that in Lenny the default desktop can be set by
> adding:
>     desktop=kde
>   at the boot prompt (which you can get to by hitting <TAB> in the boot
> menu.
>   Also, note that "desktop" in that case is an alias for
> tasksel:tasksel/desktop so it can also be preseeded by providing a line
> like:
>     tasksel tasksel/desktop string kde
>   in a preseed file, so you could produce custom KDE media either by
> tweaking the {sys,iso,pxe}linux.cfg files to include "desktop=kde", or by
> adding a preseed.cfg to the root of your initrd image, containing the above
> line.

Thanks, we will update the instructions for Lenny.



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