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Bug#511287: debian-installer: Should have a task for installing KDE or XFCE instead of Gnome

On Friday 09 January 2009 10:10:37 Philip Hands wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 09, 2009 at 09:44:43AM +0100, Noel David Torres Ta??o wrote:
> > Package: debian-installer
> > Severity: wishlist
> > 
> > 
> > debian-installer for Lenny should have a desktop selector if the "Desktop" task is chosen, or separate tasks for at least KDE and Gnome, and better if for XFCE as well.
> Offering every combination of preference under the sun by default has
> been deemed newbie hostile.
> Given that you're interested in installing XFCE, I'm guessing you're
> not a newbie.  That being the case, one might be forgiven for assuming
> that searching for something like:
>    debian-installer xfce
> via google would be something that might be reasonable to expect.
> If you do that, you'll find that the first page you come to is:
>    http://wiki.debian.org/DebianXFCE
> which explains that you just have to add:
>    desktop=xfce
> to the kernel command line to change that default.
> If you were wanting to customise some media to enable that to be the
> default, this allows you to edit the syslinux.cfg (or isolinux.cfg or
> whatever) file adding the "desktop=xfce" string to all the kernel command
> lines and the job is done -- no need to rebuild the main CD image.
> If you want a route to getting a prompt about this, another way of getting
> there would be to do an expert install, which would mean that the debconf
> minimum question priority would be dropped to "low" and you'd be prompted
> for the default desktop -- unfortunately this would also mean that you're
> prompted for about a thousand other things that you probably don't care
> about at all, so would be a tiresome way of getting what you want.
> Given that the feature is already there I'm closing this bug -- hope that's OK.
> Cheers, Phil.

Well, I'll left it closed, but I was thinking in how newbie users accustomed to KDE would install a Debian KDE computer without them being asked all the 'low' questions and without having to type anything when they're asked for "graphical or text-mode" install.

XFCE was not the point, but the "extra goal". I knew how to do it for myself, I was thinking in future Debian users.


er Envite

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