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Re: Breakage in Danish translations: affects several packages

Otavio Salvador a écrit :

>> Affected packages:
>> arcboot-installer
>> cdebconf
>> flash-kernel
>> nobootloader
>> partman-efi
>> partman-ext2r0
>> partman-newworld
>> partman-palo
>> partman-prep
>> partman-target
>> quik-installer
>> sibyl-installer
>> silo-installer
>> vmelilo-installer
>> yaboot-installer
> How are we going to handle it?
> I'd say to us to merge only the fixes for the translations and do the
> required uploads, from lenny branch. What you think?

This is what I think we should do, if we can. I can take the load for
packages that can be built on i386.

I prepared the needed updates for the lenny branch which I intend to
commit tonight, if I find time enough for this

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