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Re: r57102 - in trunk/packages/oldsys-preseed: . debian

On Tuesday 06 January 2009, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Can you try with a /preseed.cfg file?

Tested. Results as posted on IRC: still works for me as always.

> Anyway, the change I made is based on observation. I'm not sure what has
> changed, but I'm fairly  
> sure it worked with etch and I'm certain that it no longer works.

I'm fairly sure the observations are incorrect :-)

> Also, do you see any problem with the new behaviour?  netcfg will
> take "debian" as hostname and an empty domain by default, so marking
> the questions as seen should work in any circumstance.  Or am I
> missing something?

I don't know, it may well be OK and even an improvement. It may also cause 
unexpected issues. I am pretty sure the change will not fix anything and 
having the explicit values does probably make it easier to spot 
incomplete DHCP setups.

I also know that introducing this change at this point in the release 
without a good reason and without a lot more testing is the wrong thing 
to do. I also know that the reason for the change logged in the changelog 
is plain wrong.

IMHO it should be reverted, or at least not allowed into Lenny. It would 
be fine to revisit the question for Squeeze. We could then possibly also 
change the recommendation in the installation guide (although that would 
then no longer translate to preseeding at the boot prompt).

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