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Debian / hardware compatibility & popcon

Hello Chris,

[CC'ing debian-boot in case some other people are interested]

For DebConf8, it seems that you planned to give a talk about hardware
compatibility (according to penta).

That's also something I am planning to work on [for Squeeze], and I
wonder if you still plan to work on that?

As far as I am concerned, I came to the conclusion that there are two
separate needs:
- On one side, we need to collect the devices on a computer (and may be
  try to figure-out which drivers are used). This could be use for
  two purposes:
  A. A hardware-popcon
  B. A tool to report devices, that would work under debian-installer
     (using the same code as above).
- On the other side, there's a place for advance tool that would: 
  A. Automatically try to detect if the devices is working (I don't
     know if you attended Bdale Garbee's talk at Debconf8)
  B. Prompt the user on how he consider his device is working.

I am mainly interested in the first part (my priorities are: 1A, then
1B, then 2A, then 2B).

Regarding the second part, smolt seems to become more and more popular:
I might setup a server too... but that would be it (since I had packaged
it in Q2-2008).

BTW, are you planning to go to Fosdem ?


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