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Bug#510271: installation-report: Lenny on a Slug - eventual success after a few tries and some fixups

* Rick Thomas <rbthomas55@pobox.com> [2008-12-31 17:02]:
>> noatime is a known wishlist that will be done after lenny, I guess.
> Does that mean that there's no way to specify it at install/partitioner 
> time?  Or that there's no way to specify it at all?

Okay, I was wrong.  It's already possible to choose noatime and

> I was under the impression that relatime (a good compromise between
> strict POSIX semantics and practicality) would be standard (at least
> in certain kinds of installations) in Stretch.  Is that still true?

I think that was the consensus, but I'm not sure...

BTW, the next version of Debian will be called "squeeze", not
"stretch"; see

Martin Michlmayr

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