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Re: Announcement: Mandos - do unattended reboots with encrypted root

Quoting Teddy Hogeborn (teddy+debboot@fukt.bsnet.se):
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> Dear debian-boot people; it was suggested to me that debian-boot might
> be a proper forum to ask for interested sponsors for our software
> package "Mandos", which we just released as version 1.0.3.

I'm not sure you were properly directed. Despite its name, the
debian-boot ML focuses on the development of the *installer* for
Debian (D-I), not anything related to booting the system.

So, I'm not completely sure that any of us in the team, with our D-I
team hat on, are really competent for what you're asking.

Don't take me wrong: I find the mandos project idea very interesting
(even more...) and an incredible opportunity for people who, for
instance, want to deploy hundreds of desktop systems with encrypted

But, really, I think this is quite loosely related to the installer

Your project certainly deserves some DD to take care sponsoring the
packages. I think it would even deserve the attention of those amogn
DD who have good expertise in encryption and I'm ready to give all
support I can give in order to find you someone wanting to sponsor
your package...but that's probably better done outside the D-I team.

(about the possible question: I'm not expert-enough myself to feel
like being able to sponsor the package without someone with better
expertise to have a look at it first)

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