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Bug#510544: Installer/partition guide tried to use 500GB as swap

reopen 510544
reassign 510544 partman-auto-lvm

>> Well, this is a matter of taste and even sometimes religion..:-)
>> As nothing else went wrong (things were just not fitting your taste),
>> I therefore close this installation report.
> What ?
> The installer wants to use 33% of diskspace which is 500 G I G A (!)  
> bytes as swap space and thats religious ? The installer is broken, no  
> user wants or needs a swap space of this size!

Hmmm, I overread the original report and missed the real size.

We need to go back on that issue as it seems there is an obvious
miscalculation in the autopartitioner algorithm, indeed.

Sorry for the too quick bug closure.

Investigating this might be fairly tricky as it will be difficult to
test our usual way (with virtual machines) as the size of the
installation disk obviously matters here.

I'm personnally not in position to do such tests (moreover it may
require a knowledge of partman that I'm not usre to have).

Anyone else in the team who's able to investigate this?

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