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install documentation attribution/copyright in ubuntu & debian.

I've used other distros, today I decided to try out ubuntu and debian and I noticed something that doesn't seem right. I was reading the install documentation and decided to compare with ubuntu. I first noticed that this page

was almost the same as this page

Then I noticed that a lot of the debian and ubuntu install documentation seems to be the exact same sentences.

Ok, thats fine, but then I noticed that the debian install doc is copyrighted gplv2 and ubuntu one is copyrighted as Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 License. From what I've read, you can't relicense a derived work either way with these licenses without the original authors permission.

So then I looked at the documents and debian's says copyright by "Debian Installer team". Ubuntu's says it is "maintained by the Ubuntu documentation team" and has a list peoples names of contributors. Hmmm...

Regardless of any copyright issue, it doesn't seem right or accurate that I'm reading the exact same sentences of documentation on the ubuntu site as the debian site, and both sites have listed copyright holders/contributors that absolutely nothing in common with each other.

- Ian

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