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Re: [RFR/RFC] Multi-desktop CDs for lenny - take 2

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 10:03:18AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
>On Wednesday 03 December 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
>> > * There's an empty "/install" folder on the CD, even though
>> >   /install.{386,amd} are used.
>> Unrelated to my changes. Probably because things are moved around when
>> a multi-arch is being assembled. Very minor issue. I may have a look
>> after my patches are committed.
>I don't think this can safely be removed as the directory is still used 
>for powerpc stuff on i386/amd64/powerpc images. Removing it would mean 
>more changes in debian-cd than the issue is worth.

Cool, makes sense.

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