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Re: [RFR/RFC] Multi-desktop CDs for lenny - take 2

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On Mon, 2008-12-01 at 03:05 +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> (Follow-up to http://lists.debian.org/debian-cd/2008/11/msg00048.html.)
> I have done quite a bit of additional development since that previous mail 
> and things are now much nicer and implemented a lot cleaner.
> Overview of changes:
> - isolinux config files for additional desktops moved to subdirectories
> - multi-arch multi-desktop is now supported

Who said "Universal Operating System".  :-)

> - for light CD: separate rescue submenu on first isolinux screen

That's sensible. (even though a little,bit inconsistent with DVD)

BTW, I'm wondering whether "light" is misleading (<> netinst). maybe
"lightx", "lightX" or something else.

Finally a few comment on the images I tested:

* There's an empty "/install" folder on the CD, even though 
  /install.{386,amd} are used.

* The file /pxelinux.cfg/default is a symlink, which make it impossible
  to use on FAT/NTFS file system. would it be possible to replace it
  with a simple file containing : "include ../boot-screens/syslinux.cfg"

* The multi-arch (i386+amd64) advanced sub-menu needs scrolling
  I'll try to have a look.



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