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Bug#416208: Installation report HP-715/64 (HIL)

reassign 416208 rootskel
tags 416208 pending

On Thursday 25 December 2008, Helge Deller wrote:
> > Questions that come to mind are:
> > - why doesn't the kernel/udev autoload this module?
> Probably yes, but as we discussed last time, this needs to be
> implemented. I already looked into implementing it, but sadly it isn't 
> that easy to understand all the flow between kernel and userspace and
> how to handle it then.

Ah, so it's on the parisc bus again. I've seen the patch you sent upstream 
for that. Cool. Please keep me (or the d-hppa list) informed of its 
progress so we can remove the manual loading of these modules in D-I for 

> I know you added some unconditional modprobes for some specifc modules
> for parisc (I forgot which ones, I think SCSI and such) in the past.

Well, those have basically always been there. This case is a bit different 
as hilkbd needs to be loaded much earlier in the installation process.

> My proposal would be to just add the modprobe for hilkbd there blindly
> as well.

I've committed a patch for rootskel for that.

> On the other side, if you would add this modprobe I would try the lenny
> installer at once on 4 very different machines to rule out any problems
> due to the modprobe:
> - 715/64 with HIL only
> - B160L, no HIL, PS/2 keyboard/mouse
> - C3000 (32 and 64bit kernel), no HIL, USB keyboard/mouse only
> - Tadpole parisc laptop, PS/2 keyboard/mouse only

Please test this image:

I've tested it on my box (which is headless and does not need/use any of 
the modules we currently load manually) and it seems to work fine.

Let me know ASAP and we may just be able to squeeze it in for Lenny.


P.S. hilkbd is a rather nasty module: when I tried to rmmod it after a 
test install, it froze both the SSH session and the serial console 
connection I had open to the box...

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