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Re: Opening trunk for post-lenny changes?

On Wednesday 24 December 2008, Colin Watson wrote:
> There appear to be rather few discrepancies between /branches/d-i/lenny
> and the archive, in any case. They are:
>   auto-install
>     Archive has 1.2, /branches/d-i/lenny has 1.3.

This is partly because 1.3 had unstable in trunk for some time while it 
should have been UNRELEASED. Unstable has the actually released 1.3, 
which is targeted at Lenny, so updated to that.

>   efi-reader
>     Archive has 0.9, /branches/d-i/lenny has 0.10 (UNRELEASED).
>   partconf
>     Archive has 1.30, /branches/d-i/lenny has 1.31 (UNRELEASED).
>   win32-loader
>     Archive has 0.6.9, /branches/d-i/lenny also has 0.6.9 but

This is sloppiness from when the branch was created or a later update. 
Cleaned up now.

>   linux-kernel-di-m68k-2.6, linux-modules-di-m68k-2.6
>     Not sure about these - remind me where the archive is again?
>     /branches/d-i/lenny has 0.96 and 1.00 respectively, the latter
>   vmelilo-installer
>     Probably in the m68k archive, as above, so I don't have the archive
>     version number. /branches/d-i/lenny has 1.18.

Not really interesting as m68k is not a release arch.

>   sarge-support
>     Not in archive, probably correctly. /branches/d-i/lenny has 0.03.


> The only downside to opening trunk for general commits seems to be that
> translators would have to start operating on /branches/d-i/lenny as
> well.

Not really as translations have basically been frozen since RC1 (we've not 
run any l10n syncs). For Etch we have only done a few specific 
translation fixes post-release, but no general updates. I'd suggest to 
follow the same principle for Lenny.

I've updated the branch for the following packages:
- kernel/*
- auto-install (1.3)
- cdebconf (0.138)
- choose-mirror (2.28)
- hw-detect (1.71)
- network-console (1.22)
- rootskel (1.72)
- rescue (1.19)

With these changes I think the lenny branch now correctly reflects the 
current status of D-I for the release. The branch was already up-to-date 
for the manual and the installer directories.
The upcoming upload of debian-installer for RC2 needs to be done from the 
branch anyway and should then be merged to trunk, so IMO we can now open 
trunk for post-lenny commits.

I've also re-enabled the l10n syncs, which means that any uploads from the  
packages dir targeted at lenny should now be done from the branch (after 
merging only the relevant _functional_ changes from trunk)!!!


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