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Re: Merging Ubuntu changes to di-utils, cdrom-detect, apt-setup, and partman-target.

(beware...semi-philosophical contributions follow the initial
technical comments)

Quoting Evan Dandrea (evand@ubuntu.com):
> I am proposing that the attached patches be merged from Ubuntu.  These

Well, I'm not sure that we can do it this way.

D-I is in a frozen stage as we're trying to release the Lenny RC2
version, which is likely to be one of the critical steps for the
release of Lenny in general.

As a consequence, we avoid to do invasive changes to D-I. And all your
proposals are invasive changes, I think.

I'd prefer proposing that you report those patches as bug reports
against the relevant components, and preferabbly give some summarized
rationale. The Launchpad bug discussion (which I just read) is fairly
hairy and seeing Colin objecting to some of the initial proposals does
not make me very comfortable...:)

> allow d-i to work when the contents of a Debian install ISO are
> written to a USB disk.
> For more background on the cdrom-detect change, please read through
> the discussion here:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/234185

More generally speaking, I think it is slightly sad that we see such
interesting ideas and contributions emerging without warning from the
Ubuntu world, without many signs that such hype was happening.

At a time were the resources working on D-I (which is your installer)
are incredibly scarce, to the point that we seriously think about
documenting release critical issues more than fixing them....I find it
a bit sad that hype happens somewhere else, with apparently
interesting contributions.

I really wonder why we never saw all the people mentioned in the
Launchpad thread you point pop up on debian-boot and propose ideas and
discuss about them.

The only link we have is Colin, but despite his great efforts and
undoubtful motivation to keep the link working, I really fear we
sometime might see divergence.

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