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Bug#473401: grub-installer: grub2 config for Windows partition does not boot

On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 12:12:42AM +0100, Robert Millan wrote:
> For multipath, I'm not familiar with how it works, and speficically what
> does grub-installer do to support it, so I don't know.
Support for multipath in grub-installer is modeled straight after dmraid.

It gets the relevant disk and partition via a call to "multipath -l" and
then installs grub like:

        TERM=linux $chroot $ROOT \
        grub --device-map=/dev/null >/var/log/grub-${frtype}.log 2>&1 </dev/null <<EOF
device (hd0,$frgrubroot) $disc_offered
device (hd0) $frdev
root (hd0,$frgrubroot)
setup (hd0)

This broke as soon as we switched from grub legacy to grub2, so it
probably doesn't hurt much as folks have to fetch a patched grub
(#442381) legacy and install it by hand anyway:

Debian's relevance in these HA storage areas is quiet low anyway and
since RHEL and SLES suport it nicely:
it's probably not worh bothering too much at all.
 -- Guido

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