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Re: Display problems in D-I in Dzongkha: how to reproduce the problem

Quoting Tenzin Dendup (tenzin.dendup@gmail.com):
> Hi,
> I am able to check the Display problem in D-I in Dzongkha only today. I
> found out the following:

Yes, that was roughly what I concluded on that matter.

It is very likely that the problem is more general than just happening
for Dzongkha. However, Dzongkha being apparently the only language
where the text doesn't fix on the screen and then needs a scrollbar,
the issue could very well be triggered by the scrollbar use.

The only short term fix I can see for this is shortening the
translation in that specific screen so that it fits on the screen.

Instead of doing this in the main PO file, I'd suggest updating
user-setup's file (attached).

I suggest focusing on the following string:

 You need to set a password for 'root', the system administrative
 account. A malicious or unqualified user with root access can have
 disastrous results, so you should take care to choose a root password
 that is not easy to guess. It should not be a word found in dictionaries,
 or a word that could be easily associated with you.

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