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Re: Display problems in D-I in Dzongkha: how to reproduce the problem


I am able to check the Display problem in D-I in Dzongkha only today. I found out the following:

1. After reaching the screen to enter and also confirm the root password, if we deliberately enter mismatching passwords and then press the "continue" button, the next screen that warns of the password mismatch shows up normally without the garbled italic glyphs as shown here [1]. But as soon as we click on the slider to scroll down, the same screen shows with italic glyphs replaced by squares as shown here [2] and [3]. Once this happens, all subsequent screens till the end of the installation process gets garbled.

2. Without using the scrollbar slider atall, if we keep on entering mismatching passwords, the italic glyphs gets replaced by squares after the third time we enter the mismatching password.

3. At the first password mismatch screen, without using the scrollbar slider, if we enter correct passwords (enter one password in the text field that shows on the screen, then hit "TAB" and then type the confirmation password correctly, though the second text box is not visible) and then hit "continue" button, the subsequent screens remain OK.

4. This problem doesnt occur at the normal user's password entry screen when we deliberately enter mismatching passwords [4]. Also, the normal user's password mismatch screen doesnt have a scroll bar as the text contents fit in the screen.

I tested this using netinst CDs from Lenny RC1 release and also netinst CD from daily builds using Virtualbox.

[1] http://alioth.debian.org/~tenzin-guest/di/di-dzongkha.png

On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 2:29 PM, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> While testing an installation in Dzongkha with the netinst CD, I
> experienced corrupted display problems in the root password screen,
> then later in all subsequent screens.
> Apparently, some strings are replaced by squares, just as if some
> glyphs were missing. However, this happens on *entire* screens, not
> just with "random" glyphs being replaced by squares.
> See screenshots listed at the end of this mail...
> Also, one should note that the root passord selection screen is
> slightly too long and one can easily miss the fact that there are two
> input fields, one for the password and one for its confirmation....as
> the confirmation input dialog is "hidden" as the bottom (and users
> might miss it).
> Screenshots:
> http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/di-dzongkha-root.png
> http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/di-dzongkha-root2.png

OK, it took me a while before I could isolate a test case. That's a
very *weird* issue.

So, to reproduce that problem, you must do the following:

- boot the graphical installer
- choose Dzongkha as installation language. Than you'll get hard times
unless you were raised in Bhutan and can read it, but you can do
- always pick up default options until you reach the root password
setting screen. Please note that the last screen for partitioning
requires changing the "No" option to "Yes" (confirming that you
overwrite the disk). You can do this by just hitting the Down arrow
and then Enter
-When you reach the root password screen (which has a slider on the
right because the text is too long), deliberately enter two different
passwords so that D-I complains. Typing "Root" (first pwd), then Tab
twice (so that the password confirmation is empty), then Enter, is the
way to do it

- You then get the "password mismatch" screen...which seems correct,
but again has a slider on the right. Click on the slider and scroll
down. BLAM.....the italic glyphs are replaced by squares and all
subsequent screens are also replaced by squares.

If you don't slide down in the password mismatch screen, then the
italic font will be garbled anyway on later screens.

This root password screen is the only place where I could reproduce
the problem. And for it to happen, you *must* deliberately provoke the
password mismatch dialog to appear.

My problem is that I currently test in VirtualBox and can't find a
bloody way to switch to another console and catch some debug output
there (Ctrl-Alt+F2 switches to the console on my *host* not in the
virtual machine). I have no idea how to enter Ctrl-Alt-F2 in a virtual
machine on VB. I should then use qemu or VmWare....but need to
reinstall them properly...

This was tested with the netinst CD but I suspect this also happens
with other installation media. What made me miss the issue in earlier
tests is the fact that you *must* hit the password mismatch, otherwise
no breakage happens.

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