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Re: Please unblock lvm2/2.02.39-6

Quoting Bastian Blank (waldi@debian.org):

> > From quite far, this makes a lot of changes and, would I be in the
> > release team, I would feel quite uncomfortable allowing such changes
> > to go in testing when seeing how they can hardly break systems. The
> > "it breaks to much" comment is indeed quite self-explanatory here.
> Please explain what it breaks. Anyway, I have better things to do.

Quoting from above: "from quite far". I was mostly giving an opinion
here and, as I am not the release team, I don't really think it's
needed to give a rationale for such opinion.

One of your changelog entries mentions "it breaks too much" which
sounds like too invasive changes, not necessarily discussed with
release managers and/or other affected maintainers (such as -boot, I'd

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