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Bug#507399: bug installation-reports

Quoting Hilario Ortigosa Monteoliva (hilario@octanio.es):

> The system detects de 2.8 TB 'disk' (hardware raid5) and partitions it  
> with GPT/EFI system. All the process goes OK, but at the step of  
> installing grub, it refuses to install (as there is no MBR structure on 
> the disk). Lilo installs OK, but out of the box it is unable to boot 
> large kernels (like the amd-xen kernel image from etch). Several  
> workarounds, as trying to use grub-efi from etch-backports was  
> unsuccesful. At last, the only 'simple and safe' solution was to re- 
> install in a raid vdisk smaller than 2 TB, avoiding the MBR disk size  
> limit.

Do you think that the problems comes from >2TB disks or >2TB *partitions*?

Otherwise said, what partitioning scheme did you choose for your 2.8TB

GRUB maintainers, could you comment here? What are the known limits?

> As the info I looked for, I understand that the problem is about grub,  
> but the installer shouldn't allow to install root/boot partition on a  
> disk larger than 2 TB, or at least, showing a warning about the grub  
> problem.

It's very likely that it will not, given the timeframe, but we need to
document this the best way we can.


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