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Re: Modified installer

On Thursday 20 November 2008, Ivo Majić wrote:
> One quick question guys...If I wanted to modify the installers package
> selection list (where you select Desktop, Laptop, itd.) to add a choice
> of my own (MySystem) how would I go about doing that...download the
> installer source or could I just edit something in the business card
> ISO.

There are loads of ways that you can customize what packages get installed 
during an installation. It is of course in general easier to install more 
packages (using preseeding) than less. But even less is in some cases 
supported by using override files.

It very much depends on the stage of the installation you want to change: 
base system installation (mainly debootstrap) or additional packages 
(mainly tasksel).

Unfortunately there is not very much documentation available about this, 
so you'll probably just have to read what there is (installation guide, 
wiki, tasksel documentation) and google, and for the rest read the source 
(start with bootstrap-base.postinst and library.sh from base-installer 
and pkgsel.postinst).

For general info about D-I internals that can be useful to find your way 
if you want to build custom images, see:

> I just want the ability to easily install some packages I want 
> (like gnome-core instead of gnome and some other stuff) easily from the
> installer.

That would be tasksel. One useful wiki for modifying tasksel is:


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