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Debian Lenny's Installer on a USB stick fail to find ISO...


  I've tried to install the Debian Lenny's installer on my memory
stick, using the "flexible way" described in the Installation
Guide : it's a USB stick with 2 partitions, one in FAT, the other in
Ext2. On the second, I've already installed Grub and so I've placed the
installer's kernel, initrd, and also the netinst ISO. I can boot the
kernel, but when looking for ISO image, it tells it doesn' find it !

I've checked in a terminal, and really, the installer can't mount the
Ext2 partition, I wonder if it only can mount FAT ones ?

Is there a solution to tell the installer to mount a Ext2 partition to
find the ISO image ?
And as a side question, is it possible (in kernel's cmdline for
example) to tell where the ISO file lives, for example in a subdir of a
given partition ?


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