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Re: [SPARC] Enable Sun 3DLABS XVR video drivers

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 12:46:22PM +0100, Petr Vyslouzil wrote:
> please enable 3DLabs' XVR-500[1] (and possibly XVR-2500) driver in d-i.
> I've run Debian Installer lenny RC1 from CD on SunBlade 2500 workstation. 
> Apart from rather minor visual glitches caused by improper escape sequence 
> interpretation, the installer (in text mode) works even on OpenBoot ANSI 
> terminal. Unfortunately, the grave problem which renders the whole d-i 
> almost unusable, is invisible selection bar.

If I understood correctly, the default text interface (also called the
newt frontend) of the installer is unusable without the XVR-500 driver
on the SunBlade 2500 because of color issues.

As a workaround, you can always use the "text" frontend which does not
uses colors.  In order to do so, you need specify "DEBIAN_FRONTEND=text"
at the installer boot prompt.

The debian-installer itself uses standard Debian kernel images, so if
you need support for the XVR-500, please fill a bug against
the relevant linux-2.6 packages.

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