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[SPARC] Enable Sun 3DLABS XVR video drivers

please enable 3DLabs' XVR-500[1] (and possibly XVR-2500) driver in d-i.
I've run Debian Installer lenny RC1 from CD on SunBlade 2500 workstation. Apart from rather minor visual glitches caused by improper escape sequence interpretation, the installer (in text mode) works even on OpenBoot ANSI terminal. Unfortunately, the grave problem which renders the whole d-i almost unusable, is invisible selection bar.

I've not tried to build a d-i with custom kernel myself yet, but I've been running Debian testing with hand compiled kernel (with XVR-500 driver on) for months without a problem. And thanks to being "completely dumb framebuffer device"[1] (i.e. without type specific features), it works even on my XVR-600. I think in that regard the XVR-2500 driver is not any worse.

So, please, consider to enable the drivers in d-i. It'd ease the installation process for SPARC users a lot.


[1] http://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/FB_XVR500.html

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