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Important D-I team organization item : please fill in the "tasks" wiki page

As a result of a thread in this list and, mostly, as an attempt to
sort out some of the issues currently faced by the team (low manpower,
misunderstandings about who's doing what, etc.), the following wiki
page has been setup:


Please fill it in if you feel "in charge" for a given area of Debian
Installer development and work.

Also please check whether you're listed in http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Team

Ideally, we should have one person "in charge" per line and,
preferrably, a backup person as well.

However, let's be realistic: this will not happen and we will have
*many* areas where we'll discover that noone feels more reponsible
than others for.

We need to accept this and find a solution, but let's first fill in
the blanks we can fill in. Then, we'll discuss about the remaining

I do not expect all concerned people to be listening carefully enough
here and it's likely that some tasks where someone is clearly in
charge are not filled int because......the needed person is just not
paying attention.

If you feel like someone *else than you* is in charge of something, I
propose that you put his|her nickname in face of the task, in
italics. This will allow us to later contact these persons and ask
them if to confirm if they feel in charge of task <foo>.

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