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Re: r56776 - in trunk/packages: auto-install/debian kbd-chooser/debian localechooser/debian preseed preseed/debian

Quoting Philip Hands (philh@alioth.debian.org):
> Author: philh
> Date: Mon Nov 24 01:15:28 2008
> New Revision: 56776
> Log:
> use 3 flags to control the delay of kbd/localechoosers, and whether to ask for preseed/url:
> /var/run/{delay-choosers,preseed_unspecified_at_boot,localechooser.been_tried}, with preseed.sh
> now being responsible for clearing delay-choosers as soon as a preseed succeeds, and
> localechooser.been_tried limiting most of localechooser.isinstallable to its first run through.

Phil, I assume this will need kbd-chooser, localechooser and preseed
to be built and uploaded, right?

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