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Bug#506252: success: d-i lenny rc1 on nslu2 armel

* Devin Carraway <devin@debian.org> [2008-11-19 13:31]:
> Timezone setup was fine, but the system RTC does not appear to be running,
> so attempts to write to the hardware clock (which require an RTC poll)
> failed, causing a brief (but properly detected by the installer) hang.
> Installed files were timestamped correctly, but on post-install reboot the
> clock was wrong (also if the clock isn't running the hwclock access on boot
> will stall, taking hours for the first boot, but I'd disabled that before
> the reboot.)

Rod, Gordon, do you know what to do about this situation?  I think RTC
works fine here, but what can we do in the case described by Devin?
Martin Michlmayr

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