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Bug#506302: Tried again in expert mode ...

Quoting Chris Carr (rantingman@gmail.com):

> Contents of /var/log/installer attached for interest. 
> I'll know for next time that 128M now counts as "low" memory for a
> non-graphical install. 
> Leaving bug open in case a dev decides that it might not be a memory
> issue after all, or that 128M should not count as low.

Yesterday, I was about asking you whether you were using the graphical
installer or not...

Still, the installer is expected to work well even on systems with
much less memory than what you have (down to 32MB).

Of course, on 128MB systems, the lowmem mode is not called while in
youor second test, you explicitely called it.

I would suggest you do a third try *without* using the lowmem mode. Is
that possible for you?

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