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Re: uinput is needed for some braille devices

Quoting Samuel Thibault (samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org):
> Hello,
> Some braille devices have a complete AT2 keyboard.  Brltty properly
> simulates keypresses by passing them to a uinput device.  However, that
> module is not available in the debian installer, and thus brltty falls
> back to simulating keypresses by passing ascii to the tty layer and thus
> having to assume a qwerty layout, which is not user friendly.  Would
> it be fine to include uinput in the debian installer as the attached
> patches should do? (patch-linux-kernel-di is for amd64, other archs need
> a similar patch as well of course)

Otavio, do we want this for RC2?

I have mixed feelings here:

- RC2 is not meant to add features. It should be for kernel updates
and RC bugs

- the patch is very simple (however, it increases the initrd size)

It would much much more have been suited for pre-RC1 than now.

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