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Re: D-I Manual - New version uploaded -- string freeze ended, but...

The new version of the Installation Guide was built and uploaded earlier 
today. The version on the Debian website [1] should get updated some time 

Thanks, as always, to all translators for their hard work. I'm very happy 
to see that we now have almost the same number of translations as we had 
for Etch. The main missing translations are Spanish and Vietnamese, but 
we gained Greek.

To the Spanish translation team: please contact me if you would still like 
to give it a shot. There are various ways in which we could do that.
The same goes for Clytie for the Vietnamese translation of course.

The string freeze for the manual is ended, but with the following 
* I would like to keep the option open to do an extra upload for Lenny
  in case important errata are discovered or in case there are late
  changes in D-I or CDs
* so please do not commit any major changes or unnecessary changes yet
* changes describing post-lenny functionality should be committed using
  the <para condition="squeeze"> and similar syntax we've also used for
  Etch and Lenny; feel free to ping me for help
* patches for post-Lenny functionality can also be sent to me, in which
  case I will queue them up and commit them at some later time

Translators: please continue to keep an eye out for updates in the final 
run up to Lenny. And if you have time for reviews of your translation, 
then please do so.


[1] http://www.debian.org/releases/lenny/installmanual

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