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Re: D-I Manual - String freeze / Call to update translations (deadline: Nov 12)

On Saturday 08 November 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> Update of the Finnish translation has started, but there's still some
> way to go.

Finnish is now complete.

> I've not yet seen any activity for the following translations:
> - Brazilian
> - Catalan

Not completely unexpected, the translators for the two languages above 
committed partial updates at the very last moment.
The deadline was yesterday folks. If you're going to leave things this 
late, then please at least contact me!

* Brazillian fails to build because of a missing new file.
* Catalan still needs updates for 7 files.

I'm going to extend the deadline by 48 hours until ** 12 Nov 24:00 UTC ** 
to allow these two translations to be completed.
If they are not complete by that time I will do this upload without them.

For Korean: your translation is at 98% (28 fuzzy and 9 untranslated).
Translations have in the past been done (or at least committed) by 
Changwoo Ryu.
If there is anybody who can complete these last few strings so that Korean 
can be included in the upload as well, then please contact me! It would 
be a great pity if it was not included.


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